‘Northern Encore’ Tree Rose

Tree roses are amongst the most dramatic plants that one can add to his or her garden. In the South, they are used often to line walkways, in containers on patios or as an accent. Unfortunately, Northern gardeners have been unable to enjoy these beautiful roses for more than one year as they are not reliably cold hardy, without a lot of fussing – that is until now. This spring, Bailey Nurseries of Minnesota (developers of the Hydrangea Endless Summer) is introducing the first ever truly winter-hardy tree rose – ‘Northern Encore.’

‘Northern Encore’ has been developed by Bailey Nurseries’ award-winning, rose-breeding program especially for the northern gardener. It is tough, dependable and tip-hardy, even in zone 4 – a true low-maintenance tree rose. Unlike other tree roses which are actually 2 or 3 different roses grafted or budded together (the root, the stem and the top), ‘Northern Encore’ is the same hardy rose plant from top to bottom.

‘Northern Encore’ has soft pink single 2 inch blooms combined with highly disease-resistant, light green foliage. The whole effect gives the impression of fresh apple blossoms. Blooms come in clusters continually from late spring through autumn. ‘Northern Encore’ will mature at 5-6 feet tall, possibly more, but is easily pruned to the desired height. Your tree rose will work well as a vertical accent or planted in the landscape surrounded by low-growing perennials or bedding plants – or in a large container on a deck or patio.