Organic Container Gardening Secrets – How to Container Garden Easily With No Space

Do you want fresh organic vegetables but don’t have space for a garden? It is your lucky day because I have the solution for you. Organic container gardening fits just about anywhere, and it’s even easier than having an organic garden plot.

Your container can be anything that will hold soil. It can be a butter tub. Just make sure you give your container drainage holes. You could use a drill for a plastic container, like I did, and give it about three holes. You need drainage holes because plants are not happy with too much water. I use organic soils, that are a mixture of sphagnum peat moss, perlite, vermiculite and regular potting soil.

I add compost to my pots for its fertilizing abilities. You could also use fish emulsion, bone meal, kelp meal, or any other organic fertilizers. For controlling insects, you can use beneficial insects, horticultural oils or insecticidal soap. You can also pick off larger insects with your hands.

When buying seeds for your containers, you should purchase organic seeds. Last year, I purchased organic heirloom seeds from This year I will seed save from the harvested vegetables so I won’t have to buy seeds next year and so on.

You can plant just about anything your little heart desires in a container. The only thing you need to be concerned with is how big will the plant get and do you have it in a large enough container. If it is a houseplant, you can always transplant to a larger pot. If you are talking about a tomato plant, you should pick a large container like a 5 gallon bucket.