Working Mom’s Weekday Survival Guide

It’s 7am and your house looks and sounds like WWII. You are chasing your toddler with the shirt you have been trying to get over his head for the past 15 minutes. Your first grader is whining that she is still tired and your husband is asking you if you can scramble him an egg. Besides, you can’t stop thinking about how late you are going to be for that 9:00 meeting.

If this is your life, it’s time for some serious revamping of your daily routine. If you are a mom who works full-time, here is a schedule that just might change your life – if you let it.

If you are like most working mothers, once you get home from work, you are so beat up from the proceeding day that you just do the bare minimum and collapse into bed.

Sample Night Routine – 3 hours

This night routine will allow you to have everything ready in the morning. You might actually get to sleep in for 45 more minutes.

Sample Morning Routine – 2 hours

Even a very lean budget may be able to fit in some additional household help. You could place an ad for someone to come to your house for one hour a day, Monday through Friday. Their sole responsibility is to straighten up your kitchen, wipe down bathrooms and make beds. This way, your house never gets too far out of order. I pay my housekeeper $15 per day to do these minimal chores for me and it saves me time and money. I don’t end up having to hire someone to spend 8 hours cleaning my house every week nor do I have to live in the certain filth that my four and five year-olds create.

You can survive the suburban jungle. You will have to create new habits and stick to them. Laina Shulman, author of “Pure-Health” says you should examine the consequences of not changing a habit. Write down the ways your life will be positively affected by changing to a better way of doing something and what will happen if you continue on the same route. Try the schedule for 30 days and watch your life improve immediately.