Back-To-School Kids Survival Kit

Now it’s very important for children to know about the present realities of the world today. Instead of hiding the true situation from them, you – as a parent or a teacher – must ensure that the children have enough training, knowledge, and skills to know how to deal with this kind of a situation.

You can hand out kits at a class and explain the use of every item contained in the kit. The kid’s survival kit will be an instant hit along with making the kid curious about knowing the current events. This is a nice way to introduce your kid to an urban survival lifestyle.

A back-to-school kids survival kit needs to have certain items in it to make it complete. Here is a complete list of all the things that can be added to the kit:

1. A mini first aid box is a must in this instance This box should have a few bandages, cotton swabs, some string, some gauze, a pair of scissors, a few tablets, etc.

2. There should be a fire starter that is included in the kit. Along with the fire starter, it is important that the kids learn how to start a fire with a knife or a metal match.

3. The technique of purifying water through the natural means should also be taught to them. The technique is to cut a bottle into half and puncture some holes in the bottom half. A layer of grass should be placed in this bottle. Above that layer, some sand and charcoal should be placed. This should again be covered with another layer of grass. Now the water that’s poured through it will be more or less purified.

4. It is a nice idea to add a dictionary that will be able to explain all the kinds of food which is edible.

5. A compass will help the child know in which direction to head for. For the child to be able to do that, he should be taught how to read a compass as well as a map.

6. A small fishing kit will help the little child fish for some food once in a while. You will have to find a small rock first. This small rock will then work as a piece of weight. One end to this rock and the other end will have safety pins.

7. Help teach the children how to make a small cat stove with the help of a can and a burner.

You can aid a child’s development by helping him or her understand the importance of learning urban and wilderness survival techniques. As the child grows up, he or she will know how to effectively deal with any crisis or emergency situation.