Organic Lawn Care Offers Plenty of Benefits

If you do want a great looking lawn that your neighbors are jealous of, and you do not want to use harsh products and chemicals to make it happen, consider organic lawn care. When you want to pay attention to the health and well being of the environment, then you need to consider organic lawn care. You can use it for any needs you have including getting rid of ugly weeds and removing pests. You can have a great looking yard. To do so, you need to understand how the ecosystem works and how you can find the same results as chemicals get, without using them.

Why Bother?

Did you know that some 18 percent of the local landfill is that which comes from the yard? That means that homeowners are constantly ditching products that could be used as natural fertilizers that can be added to their yard instead. One way to do this is to use a mulching mower with blades that will turn grass clippings into small pieces that are then simply left on the ground rather than collected in the bag. This keeps grass out of the local landfill and also helps to give your flower beds, your lawn and other plants the nutrients they need.

Consider using hand raking as well, to remove any excess thatch from underneath the grass. This will allow water to get into the roots better. You will find a number of useful products on the market to help with all of your lawn care problems. If you have an insect infestation, then you may also have root damage to your grass. Use an organic lawn care product that can help to move the insects from your lawn and allow your grass to get greener at the same time. Yet, this does not harm the planet in any way.

Otherwise It Hurts!

You want a green lawn for sure, but you also should take into consideration the benefits of having a healthier yard. When you use a standard mower, you are producing ten times the amount of carbon than your car would. Instead, consider a power reel mower. You can use hand clipping as a good way to get around the tough spots without having to pollute the air in the process.

The fact is that there is a method of organic lawn care available to you for just about any type of need that you have. Invest your time in this and you will have the lush lawn you are after, but you also have a healthy environment as well.