Pondless Waterfalls

Pondless waterfalls are the newest idea in water features. They’re so practical and we do love practical. Exactly what is a pondless waterfall – just what it sounds like. It is a water feature with a waterfall, but no pond.

The waterfall disappears into a tub at the bottom of the falls and recirculates through a piece of tubing back to the top of the falls. It gives the illusion of the water just falling down the hill and disappearing back into the rocks.

You get most of the benefits of having a pond: the sound of the running water and the natural setting. And you get much more. Gone is the liability of a pond. If you have small children around, this may be important. A pondless waterfall can be installed in a front yard or an area where a pond could be a liability.

A pondless waterfall can be installed in a very small area compared to a pond. This makes the installation much easier and less expensive. The maintenance is drastically cut over the maintenance necessary with a pond.

The expense of a pondless waterfall is much less than building a pond. There is no large hole to dig and you need only a small piece of pond liner. The pondless waterfall also uses very little water.

Pondless Waterfall kits are available at a reasonable cost or you can purchase the necessary components individually, too. You can build it yourself if you like and there are services that specialize in installing the new pondless waterfalls.

We’re in the process of building one ourselves and you can view the photos of our progress at our website. It’s been a very interesting and enjoyable project and it has really improved an area of our yard that we didn’t really use before. Now it’s become our favorite sitting spot. The sound of the running water is very relaxing.

If you’ve always wanted a water feature in your yard, this may be the answer.

Copywrite 2006 Alice Scott