Nassau County Gardeners Compile List of Garden Tips

1. To prepare for any potential weeds, plant your seeds always in perfectly straight lines.

2. Take a piece of drain or PVC pipe to sow seeds if you have back or leg issues to put them properly in rows.

3. Plants looking droopy or willowed? Take a can of cola (not diet) and pour around in soil!

4. Make Plant labels out of old margarine or butter tubs

5. When watering your lawn, try to do it in the evening (not night). This allows the water to fully penetrate the soil and not be absorbed by the sun as much as in the early day or midday.

6. Gardening shoes that smell? Take an orange from your home and cut in half for a natural deodorizer. The orange works to treat the foul odors in the shoes.

7. Do not bag all those grass clippings during the hot summer months! Use them as mulch on your lawn to help it.

8. When watering house plants, one of the Nassau County Landscape Contractors mentions that cold water from the sink is not something you want to do. Always use water at room temperature when watering so not to shock the plants.

9. Dirty windows in a greenhouse or any area can be easily revived with newspapers soaked in water and vinegar solution.

10. All drains such as gutters should be used with steel wool at any end to prevent blockages from forming. The water will pass through and prevent any leaves, sticks or other matter from clogging up the connections.

Check back for more tips and great ideas found over the years.