Colorado Eastern Slope Wildfire Danger Growing

Another dry day for the foothills near Denver as predicted snowfall is so slight as to be immeasurable. This situation is creating extra dry conditions and increases the threat of an especially bad season for wildfires. Conditions are “stacking up” to look like those of 2002 and 2003 which were especially bad years in the foothills of the eastern slope.

Be especially cautious with fires and fireplace ashes in the tinder dry conditions. People living within the “wildfire/urban interface” should

. Create your own evacuation plan to leave if ordered to go. Prepare your “emergency survival kit” for all your family members as well as family pets. Take the time now to collect and assemble important documents and family photos or “scan” them into a portable “flash drive” and ask a friend or family member in another area to safeguard a copy for you.

Property owners and homeowners can

by creating a “safe zone” around their homes by removing dry shrubs and brush within at least 30′ of all structures. Trees should be cleared of limbs to at least 6′ above ground. Fire wood and extra lumber should also be moved from near homes and other buildings. If you have thoughts of further protections such as fire pumps or fire stopping gel, begin implementation now. It will be too late to order these items when prime fire season has begun.

Additionally, if you can, create an additional parking area/turn around area adjoining your home’s “safe zone”. Make this large enough to accommodate 4+ large vehicles. These may be fire engines and water tenders trying to protect your home or put out your house fire.