What Items Should Be in an Emergency Survival Bag (A Bug Out Bag)?

I asked this question on a popular survival forum and not surprising I got a lot of different answers as to what should be in an emergency go bag. I agreed with a lot of it and some less so but I think it’s the good basis for this post.

Here are some of the most popular survival items that made many of the lists:

Overall most of these items can be found for a relatively inexpensive price but very good items to build up your own personal survival kit. As with all items make sure they include items that you need such as personal hygiene, medications etc. I personally think that these are great choices but I’d also include things like toilet paper, fire starters and items like that.

I think any emergency bug out kit should include items that you need to survive for a minimum of a couple of days. Items like water filtration straws, items that can be used to help build shelters, hand crank items are good, candles as they make light, heat and can be used to help start fires. A whistle or other signaling devices.