Important Vegetable Gardening Tips

With the cost of living is rising, there is a way to save money and also increase your family’s health. The way is to grow your own vegetables in your backyard. With a vegetable garden you can grow vegetables so that you have different varieties of vegetable in early, middle and late in the season.

Here are some vegetable gardening tips that will help you develop your own vegetable patch.

o Most vegetables require around 6 hours of sunshine each day. There are others the require 8 hours. So choose the spot that receives ample sunlight. Make full use of the area by planting a variety of vegetables.

o In the dry period, your garden will require additional watering so be prepared for it. Most vegetables benefit if they get an inch or more of water, especially when they are fruiting.

o Watch out pests during the growing season. It will be much easier for you if you discover the bugs early. Do not use chemical pesticides on the vegetables especially when they are close to being picked. Organic gardening is healthy and environment friendly.

o Do not throw the vegetable waste in your garbage. Instead start a compost heap so that you can use the compost next spring.

o Learn to protect your garden from wild animals. Make a fence around your garden to keep out dogs, rabbits and other animals. The destruction a wandering animal does to your vegetable garden in one season is equal to the cost of a fence so do not think too much about fencing your garden. You can use the fence as a support or frame for vegetables like peas, beans and tomatoes.