Christian Survival in the Military

Serving in the military is a hard job, especially if you are a Christian. It is even that much harder being a soldier during war time as a Christian. You are away from your family, friends, people who you worship and fellowship with and are a sort of support line in your Christian walk.

Of course God comes first but, as being a soldier you accept and embrace your love for your country also. It is hard to justify serving your country and having to engage the enemy while still keeping your faith in Christ. You probably have fear of what is happening around you. You are thousands of miles away from loved ones and might be lonely. It might be hard for you to understand how there could be such evil in the world. You are constantly training and feel tired all the time from all the hard work it is being a soldier. A soldier being so far from home has so many temptations around them. You might wonder sometimes if this sacrifice you are making is worth it and is there any meaning or purpose in it. Do not worry. God understands all of this.

Christ went through so many temptations, was alone at times, and made the ultimate sacrifice for mankind by dying for our sins. He did what was right in the eyes of god and we all have the opportunity for our sins to be forgiven because of this.

As a Christian soldier you must remember that you also are doing what is right in gods eyes. You are sacrificing for the better of mankind to keep freedom alive, setting a good example as a Christian for those around you, and helping to eliminate evil in the world. You are on the good side that believes in peoples rights for religion and for human suffering to be ended.

Some things that you can do to keep your Christian faith in this test god is giving you is to stay connected with other Christians serving in the military with you. Seek out your Chaplin and ask for guidance in finding Christian soldiers serving with you. Find a bible study or start one so that you may fellowship with your Christian brothers and sisters. This will help you and others keep your Christian walk strong. You can learn together and comfort each other.

If you have a worship service you can attend do that. It may be hard to find Christian worship services in a combat zone but, remember where their is more than one follower in Christ, God is there. Take this opportunity to worship together.

Always remember why you are training so hard and why you are fighting. This is the good fight. God creates countries and governments so the world has order and people can be free to worship and follow Christ. Our country is fighting the good fight to keep evil at bay and you are an important part of this.

You will be tired at times,even exhausted and very lonely. This will bring temptation into your mind and make your Christian walk that much harder. Following Christ is not easy, It is not meant to be. Remember there will come a time when the wheat is separated from the chaff. At times it may be easier to be by yourself than to be with the crowd. Do not be a follower of the world be a leader for Christ. Try to give any temptation to Christ, remembering that he will not tempt you more than any other man is tempted and he will always give you a way out of temptation. If you do not resist your temptation always remember you are a human being. If you do sin give it to Christ and repent those sins. God made us, he knows how many hairs we have on our heads, he forgives.

Read your bible daily if you can. It will help you keep your faith in Christ and you will learn the word so that you may spread the gospel. Pray. Ask for guidance, give thanks even in tough times. As Christian’s, we mus give thanks to god in good times and bad times. It is his plan why things happen and we are all part of his plan. Pray for others, Christians and non-Christians alike. Pray that those who have not yet accepted Christ come to him.

Let it be known that you are a follower of Christ. Do not hide being a Christian. It will help other Christian brothers and sisters around you to keep their faith. Your good example will bring people to Christ.

Know that god loves you and is proud of the job you are doing. Thank you for serving my country so that we can be free and safe. I pray that you come home safe and sound. I pray for your families. Amen.