Survival Guide – Developing a Plan

In any form of preparedness, be it natural disaster or man made disaster, a person’s survival and well being depends of how much they have prepared for a given disaster. Many snicker and scoff at the mere idea of a person taking an active role in their survival success. Preparedness is having the necessary items to meet a persons needs during a specific unplanned event. When one decides to prepare, they sit down, take a deep breath and think wholeheartedly about what they will need for a short term event and for a long term event.

Write down the “list of lists” and then within each category add what items may be needed and begin to prepare accordingly. Some master list suggestions to keep in mind are:

Food Storage


Food Preparation


First Aid/Minor Surgery


Hygiene List/Sanitation





Tactical Living

Biological Warfare Defense






Barter and Charity

Deciding upon a short term and long term list, solely depends on the type of event a person is preparing for. If preparing a list for a hurricane or earth quake, naturally the list will be shorter and certain suggestions can be overlooked. The “list making process” can be long (depending on the type of event a person is preparing for), but very necessary. Sit down and make a “list of lists.” A person is only as prepared as they are willing to be. The “list of lists” should account for any given situation that could arise as well as help sustain a family for a given amount of time to keep them safe, sheltered and as comfortable as possible.