The First 3 Things To Do When SHTF In An Economic Collapse

As a survival expert specializing in urban survival, I often tell people what to do to prepare for an economic collapse or other

(“Sewage” Hits The Fan) scenario. Unfortunately, most people don’t carry through on their good intentions to be better prepared.

So what if someone asks me how to prepare for an economic collapse and then doesn’t take my advice? Well, instead of rubbing their nose in it, I then tell them what are the first three things that they should do when the

and they haven’t prepared. At least that way they will have some knowledge, if not supplies.

The first thing you want to do if the

in an economic collapse is to ensure a supply of food for a few weeks. Hopefully you can get to the store before all the crazies are there fighting for the last can of soup or the credit card machines no longer work. Suspension of bank cards is very common during an economic collapse.

After you have food secured, ensure that you can take steps to protect yourself, your family and your home. If you don’t have guns, or even if you do, you will want to have some means of non-lethal self-defense. Pulling a gun is a big deal and if you have non-lethal methods of defending yourself, they are usually better.

If you cannot get mace, go to the hardware store and buy wasp spray. It shoots a stream 20 feet and can be an effective deterrent against would-be burglars and looters who would like to help themselves to your supplies.

Expect that once the

, the basic utilities such as water and electricity will become less reliable. It may not happen in a day or two, but it will happen. That has proven over and over again around the world when things like an economic collapse happen. Having plenty of clean drinking water stocked up in the basement is a must.

Finally, ensure a good supply of flashlights and batteries, as the new reality may be rolling blackouts and less reliable electrical service.

So now you know the first three things you should do when the

in an economic collapse. It is up to you if you will take steps to prepare now or if you will wait until it is too late to prepare and you have to use these steps to just react and do what you can at the last minute.