Flower Pots ECO Friendly Recycled Coconut Peat

Coconut peat flower potare the ultimate advancement in soilless culture development.

garden tools, chemicals, fertilizer, nursery, instrument

medium preparation, transplanting shock, NO CONTAINER

to humans, pets, plants and environment

Advantageous features:

ready made planting medium block, many years of shelf life

seed starter and can be used at any stage or all stages of plant life – germinating, nursery, cutting, planting

Assurance of satisfactory results after 2 years field test on over 150 kinds of plants

re-usable for herbaceous plants

SUITABLE for all kinds of plants and all types of cultivation both indoors and outdoors – seeing, bedding, potting, hanging, floating etc

– tough, light texture, well-drained, last-long moisture holding

– light weight, easy for transporting

– numerous sizes, forms, colors, coated or uncoated plastic film

(MB. can be used with plastic coat torn off),-

ideal for interior and exterior decoration

– can be used upside-down

– identical in physical and chemical properties

– free of weed seeds, fungi, insect eggs and other

unwanted materials

– available in all essential plant nutrients

– slowly-released nutrients

– capable of absorbing surrounding moisture

– liable to be divided for planting

– two sizes of holes available, central large hole for planting,

small surrounding ones for seeding, cutting, or applying

desired substances (hormone, retardant. etc.)

– placed in 2-3 cm. deep water, water will be automatically absorbed

– MB remains constant and is highly durable to atmospheric changes,

will not crack in hot sun, will not crumble in water, will not disintegrate

in alternate wet and dry conditions

– When placed in 2-3 cm. deep water, MB still provides suitable

moisture and good aeration

– MB can be used everywhere in all seasons

– flowers, vegetables, spices, herbs, climbers, aerial plants, bulbs,

field crop, trees, cacti, succulents, aquatic plants, corm, rhizome.

– pesticide-free vegetables

– decorating department stores, factories, restaurants, buildings,


– ideal homogenous medium for plant research and development

for plant breeding, chemical testing, mutant, etc.

– for mass production of seedlings, timber trees, economic trees

– without transplanting shock

– high survival rate after planting from reserved moisture and nutrients

– full-use of available space

– decorating plants between building Blocks

– hanging gardens from windows, fence, etc.

– MB is the best medium for cutting

– with self-watering technique requiring no watering

– cultivation in poor soil

– ideal for innovative cultivation

– less chemical used

– no external factor from soil affecting the production

– harvest time can be determined

– new cultivation technique of floating crop plants on water

– Maize can be harvested in the water floating farm!

For pictures on how to cut and transplant look at

These pictures show how easy it is to achieve massive plant growth from these pots.