Waterfall Gardens

Waterfall gardens are gardens built around natural or artificially built waterfalls. They are generally located far from the hustle and bustle of urban life. They are designed to be abundant in natural beauty and tranquility. In fact, the very purpose of having a waterfall in the center of the garden is to dampen outside vehicular sounds and to make people feel more harmonious with nature.

The waterfalls are prime attractions in such waterfall gardens. Waterfalls in such gardens are constructed using natural rock to build the cascade. The rocks are placed aesthetically and the same time subtly enough to seem natural. Water is allowed to flow into ponds, which house fishes and various aquatic plants. There may be exotic species of both in a bid to attract more visitors. Sometimes the ponds are crafted to be long enough to run through the entire length of the garden. The banks of the ponds are lined with pebbles or rounded stones to enhance their look.

Such gardens use decorative ferns and trees in order to provide shade and botanical value to them. Some of them also grow trees from different continents. This process requires acclimatization of the trees, done by experts. Sometimes the names of these trees, common as well as binomial, are displayed on boards hung around them, along with other botanical information.

People usually spend a couple of hours or even a whole day in these gardens. There are trails designed to guide the visitors around the gardens. Most of these trails are built parallel to the waterfall ponds. Bistros, park benches and canopied tables with chairs around them are kept at regular intervals. There are also food stalls, gift shops and bathrooms for the visitors.

Since waterfall gardens are used for commercial purposes, great care is taken in their designing and landscaping. A team of experts chalks up the plans and a team of contractors looks after the construction. These gardens also require regular staff for reserving and conducting the visitors, as well as for the maintenance of the gardens.

Waterfall gardens do not charge their visitors much. Several of them are subsidized by the government and so they provide free entry for their visitors. Some of them charge monthly or annual fees, which are quite nominal.