Is a Survival Plan For 2012 Necessary?

In November 2009, Roland Emmerich’s movie 2012 will hit cinemas throughout the world! This is Hollywood’s take on ‘The End of Days’ prophecies that are flooding human consciousness, mainly through the Internet. Is there any truth in the claims that, on 21 December 2012, cataclysmic events will engulf the Earth and, if so, will there be any way of surviving them?

There are, as you would expect, two schools of thought – for and against – anything portentous occurring in three years time. Among the abounding prophecies for December 2012 are strikes by asteroids, planets, meteors or even the Moon and polar reversal or Armageddon and the Second Coming.

The sources you could research to better understand the predicted events range from the well known such as Nostradamus and The Bible to the more obscure such as, for example, Mother Shipton and The Cygnus. The prime mover, however, in many of these forecasts of doom is the Mayan Long Count Calendar which it is claimed runs out of time in December three years from now.

Another tie-in with the Mayans was, again, featured in a Hollywood blockbuster, Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull which was premised on the Mayan myth of the 13 crystal skulls. According to their beliefs these skulls will save humanity from certain doom. As the story is told, the skulls must all be bought together at the prophesied time or ‘the Earth will be knocked off its axis’! So, as you can see, the Mayans figure significantly in the theories surrounding our forthcoming doom.

With so many predictions and prophecies of The End of the World through-out time most people tend to ignore them,or treat them as a joke. After all what significance does a minor planet in a small solar system on the fringe of an arm of a spiral galaxy have to do with anything – not a lot! There are those, however, who are planning ‘for the worst’ and making their plans in the hope of surviving a holocaust, and there are those, obviously, who believe nothing of a dire nature will befall us. So why not continue your own research?