Why the Laid Off Employee, Foreclosed and the Financially Distressed Need Psalm 130-1

“Out of the depths I cry unto thee, O Lord. Lord, hear my voice, listen and pay attention to my prayer.”

The Need for Comfort

Your home was your castle; your job your identity. All shattered! Suddenly your home becomes an icon. This house you’ve turned into a home is being foreclosed; you’ve lost equity and homeowner status. Your job became your identity. Many hours were spent there through the frustration of challenges and accomplishments. You crafted it or it crafted you whichever; at times it was a refuge.

Loss of a job, loss of one’s home, or regular income, leave an employee and his or her family in a tumultuous state. There is confusion and chaos brought about by the layoff, auto repossession or foreclosure. It’s as if an intruder has taken over the foundation of your soul, mind and spirit. It’s amazing how quickly events such as a job layoff, threat of foreclosure or loss of home equity can plunge a family into total disarray and panic. Because of embarrassment, a normal event like going to the supermarket becomes filled with apprehension that you’ll run into a neighbor.

Finding Comfort

“How am I going to take care of my family; what am I going to do? ” That’s the internal scream in the first stage of the lay off or foreclosure notice. It is so deep in the soul you almost can’t breathe. “Oh God, hear me!! Listen to this pain in my soul.”

As grown-up as we might be, being fired, losing your home and or finances, the results find us needing to be consoled. Just as when we picked up our wounded little ones and gave them hugs and kisses, we quieted their disquieted souls.

Having experienced three job layoffs during the years of raising our children, helping our family return to emotional stability was as important as my husband getting another job.