Tips For Growing Herbs In A Garden

There are different types of herb gardens like ornamental, aromatic, culinary and medicinal. Depending on the reason for developing herb garden, you can have an estimate with regard to space, size and types of herbs to be grown inside the garden. If you want to grow herbs for ornamental purpose, the layout should have a colored theme where plants bearing bright flowers and foliage can be grown. The site for a herb garden should be selected based on sunlight, soil fertility and drainage conditions.

Next factor is the area required for developing a herb garden. The total space required by a herb garden can be determined by estimating the space occupied by each plant, borders, mulching and drainage. Every plant should be conveniently placed so that it can receive ample sunlight and fresh air. However, certain plants like basil and mint require shady conditions to grow. Hence, it is important to know the growth conditions for each plant to be planted in the herb garden. The gap between each plant should be properly determined so as to provide space for the expanding foliage and growing height of each plant.

The type of herbs that one wants to grow in the garden is another important factor. One can select plants depending on the space, sunlight and drainage. Plants with large foliage should be kept at the corners, perennials and biennials should be separated from annuals. Bottom of the clay pots can be layered with gravel so as to ensure proper drainage. One can even punch holes at the bottom of a thick plastic basket and this can be used to keep plants.