Personal Survival Tarp

There is a constant debate in the survival industry about shelter options that are available. Many people like the option of having a tent with them, whether that be a personal 1-2 man tent that is small lightweight, or a family tent that can fit 3-4 people.

The tent gives you shelter that keeps you out of the weather like rain, snow and wind and also keeps the crawling creatures that you may face in the wilderness. With that being said those are pretty much the only options that you have with a tent, you are not able to set it up in a different configuration to meet your needs of the situation, you will not have the option of pitching a fire virtually inside to keep you warm. For these reasons a survival tarp is the best option.

1.  The tarp may be setup and configured in pretty much any way that you need to fit your situation. It can be setup to cover the largest area possible if multiple people are involved. It can be setup to completely keep the weather off of you, and keep you and your gear dry.

2.  In any survival situation the one thing that will make it unbearable is being wet and cold. With the survival tarp you are able to set it up with the option of making a fire in the front which will allow for heat to warm you up from the cold, and dry out your clothes as you need to, while keeping you dry at the same time.

3.  One of the most common debates between shelter and the tarp is weight in your pack. The tarp is most consistently going to win that battle in being the most lightweight option available.

4.  Depending on what kind of tent you purchase, most come with poles and complicated setup, which can take quite some time to setup. The tarp depending on what your needs are, can be setup in less than 2 minutes.

5  The tarp can be pitched in virtually ANY situation you come upon, whether is a sand dessert or the side of a rocky hillside, there is always a configuration that will work.

This debatable subject ultimately comes down to personal preference, and what your needs are in the situation that you come into. Because of the options of the survival tarp vs. a tent I’m going to hands down pick the tarp every time.