A Rock Garden Adds Beauty To Your Property

An investment of next to nothing can really improve your garden. This can be accomplished by the

use of gravel on your garden walkways in lieu of bark or a retaining wall of stone instead of wood

or metal. These all will contribute to your rock garden. There are many types of rock that can be

used for this purpose and because of the necessity to keep this article short,I will only discuss

a few. There are flat rocks that come in the form of slate and shale which can be put into use as

pavers and or divide and set off areas to display distinctive things in your garden like statues

or other garden decor.

The odd shaped rocks are good for retaining walls with a little planning and placement and there

are the smooth rounded rocks found along creek beds that can be put to good use in rock garden

border settings. When it comes to paths they are quite often unplanned and just the result of

need.If you make use of rocks in paths or trails you really do succeed in stopping your guests

from widening your path and killing vegetation. This also adds to the beauty of the trail or path.

Its best to use rounded rocks for your borders and flat rocks or gravel for the actual path. The

creating of a path from nothing should make you consider the use of a path that just wonders

instead of a straight path. The time involved in a winding path really adds an attractiveness to

your rock garden.

If there is a large amount of rock on your property why not use it to build walls or fences. This

was done centuries ago in New England and you can still see some of the results even today. You

will not require mortar if your rocks are large by wedging smaller stones to act as mortar. The

use of smaller rocks will require some masonry work and either you will need to learn some

masonry techniques or hire someone who has these skills. Retaining walls are excellent if your

building a garden next to a flat yard patio and the garden requires some height for soil depth.

This can be done with some rounded or flat rocks or just a flat 2-3 inch thick block available at

your garden shop.

The beauty of a rock patio and terrace far out strips the use of wood in building a ground deck or