Venus Fly Traps – Eliminate the Flies!

The Venus Fly Trap (Dianaea muscipula) is one of the most popular and intriguing plants that can be grown in the UK home. It’s known as a carnivorous plant, or meat-eating plant. Its “flowers” attract the flies to them, and then when a fly lands on the inside, hairs are brushed and triggers off a reaction. The flower then shuts, and enzymes and other digestive juices are squirted in to digest the fly alive.

The Venus Fly Trap has always been popular because of its human-like actions. If you every buy a Fly Trap, use a long leaf to tickle the hairs inside. The flower then spookily closes up. Although it is safe to do this a couple of times, doing it too often can destroy the flowers and waste the plant’s energy stores. The flowers can take up to four days to reopen, so by closing all of them, you inhibit the plant from catching any food.

To keep a Dianaea muscipula, you should ensure that the bottom 5mm of the pot is in water, to keep the roots damp, as the plant is used to living in swamp-like moist conditions. It is not necessary to add extra nutrients to the soil as flies contain all the nutrients the Venus Fly Trap needs.

If you live in a house where you don’t find many flies, you could catch some flies or other insects yourself and feed them to your Venus Fly Trap, whatever you decide, the choice is yours!