Bald Cypress Bonsai

Bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) is probably the best tree to start with for a new bonsai gardener. These trees are excellent bonsai material because it is a hardy tree which doesn’t require a lot of attention and is easy to take care for it. The trees grow in USA from Delaware to Texas all the way by Mississippi and in north in state of Missouri.

These trees can reach up to 40m in nature, but bonsai is usually about 160 times smaller reaching the height of 25cm. The diameter of the trunk is around 2m and sometimes up to 5, but usually not more than 3. Bark can be a bit gray to red-brown. Leaves grow on small branches (branchlets), which grow in spiral in two horizontal lines from 1-2cm long and about 2mm apart. Despite the fact that most of the species from this family don not loose their leaves in winter bald cypress does, and that is where it’s got its name from Bald cypress.

Bald cypresses grow on alluvial soil usually near waters, but they can tolerate some salinity but are unable to grow in brackish coastal waters. Bald cypress’s best climate is warm climate where it grows pretty fast, but it can also grows more to the north where the only problem is ice that damages the seeds.

So if you are beginner in bonsai area, get yourself a bald cypress to start and when you will know how to handle this tree you will be able to take care of some more exotic and sensitive trees.