Faith and Family

There is a vicious cycle in our world today. The traditional family unit has all but disintegrated into a heaping pile of mulch waiting, and becoming fertile. Our homes have all but fallen apart and life has become so insignificant that we have become numb to the reality of loss. It has become common place to hear about a parent or parents killing their children. It has become a regularity to learn of a child committing suicide because of bullying. Every where we turn there is a mass shooting and lives are lost. Death has no respect for age or value of life.

Pick up a newspaper or turn on the computer. Put the news on the television. There are so many ‘experts’ that have the answers. When a society fails, when tragedies happen, when huge governmental mistakes are made, watch how the eager slowly crawl out of places that we’ve never heard of. There are so many licensed and certified people that know what is best for a society that has fallen apart.

No one has the answer! I did not say that a few has the right answer. Nor did I say that one has the answer. We all have the answer available before us. Think about all those experts. Think about the failures that we hear about daily.

There are many ‘leaders’ in politics, many ‘leaders’ in the religious community and many ‘leaders’ that are in the news today for fraud, misleading the public and even for many things that would put the common man or woman into prison for a long time. Yet, they are the experts and know what is best for those that are beneath them.

One thing that we should all understand is that death is no respecter of the rich, the poor, the smart intellectual or the less fortunate that fall in the cracks of higher education. In the end we all end up deteriorating back to nothing.

Our lives are worthless unless we can find a way to get on the right track and put our lives, and our families back together. Listen to this, “People do not have the answers”! The educated do not have the answers! The Politicians do not have the answers! Our leaders do not have the answers! Religion does not have the answers!

Take a step of faith… Where do we go for the answers? Where do we turn in times of tragedy? Remember I said that ‘people’ do not have the answers. This is where the step of faith comes in.