Gardening Organic Tips

If you are thinking of improving your garden then I think you should consider these tips. They will guide you in improving your garden and it will yield good results for you.

Rotating Vegetables

This has been an effective way of maintaining ones garden and it increases fertility. Rotating vegetables prevents exhaustion of nutrients in the soil. Rotating different types of vegetables allow the soil to gain its nutrients whilst the vegetable that needs those nutrients would have been removed giving them time to increase. Other vegetables produce certain nutrients which are then use by other plants as we rotate the vegetables. Rotation should be done amongst different vegetables. It is good to grow potatoes after you have grown sweet corn in a field. Similarly, it is good if peas are grown after growing tomatoes. The selection of the plants should be made to rotate them, and you should remember that vegetables from the same family behave in the same manner hence rotating them would be of no use.

Use of organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizers are very much easy to apply to the soil as these do not destroy the vegetation if applied in large quantities. Organic fertilizers produce no pollution as they are easily broken down naturally without producing toxic waste. Organic fertilizers include the use of animal waste carefully mixed with the soil, plant decayed material mixed with soil to form compost. The use of organic fertilizers is cheap as no purchasing of fertilizers is involved.


The use of organic pest repellents serves a lot as no money is used to purchase pest repellents. Natural pest repellents like plants that produce certain pest repelling characteristics can be used other than chemicals. Chemical pesticides are very expensive and cause pollution to the environment. Natural methods of repelling pests are very economical and friendly to the environment.


Natural nitrification of the soil can be induced by growing plants with root nodules, this attract bacteria that are involved in the nitrification of the soil. We then remove these plants and place other crops that do not have root nodules and need a lot of nitrogen. For efficient production of nitrogen in the soil you can use organic cultures of nitrogen fixing bacteria called Rhizobium compound. This induces the natural production of nitrogen in the soil.

Organic gardening involves the use of natural and environmental friendly methods of gardening. Very little pollution is produced by this type of gardening. This is said to be the best type of gardening and also produces quality vegetables and crops.