Growing Orchids Under Lights – Using Artificial Lighting To Grow Your Orchids

Growing orchids under lights is very efficient and many growers select this option for a few reasons. For one you can grow orchids with much larger flowers, and secondly using orchid lights means that you can get much much larger blooms. This is a good option for florists or professional orchid growers because they can grow orchids under lights and produce a much higher volume of plant which are highly sought after. This of course, means that they can sell more plants to those who aren’t particularly interested in growing them, but would like some beautiful blooms in their home. Just like growing conventional orchids, there is lots to learn when using lights to grow orchids, here are a few useful facts.

Many hobbyists are successful with just ordinary fluorescent lights and this is a cheap option. It is also possible to grow orchids under more specialized plant lights. There are a little more expensive but give off a broader spectrum of light which is better suited for the plants. If you’d like to achieve similar results to this you can use one cool-white fluorescent to one warm-white fluorescent bulb. This gives ranges of light from the blue spectrum to the red spectrum, which gives the maximum effect for growing your orchids under light.

It is quite safe to use artificial light to grow your orchids but as with most things there is a little risk involved. The main issue some people have is that the lights produce a lot of heat. This can be a problem because the orchids do not like to be too hot. For this reason some people like to grow their orchids in a basement or lower level area that receives less light. This means that the temperature is easier to control because there is not natural light to warm things up.

It is all about the spectrum of light. Providing plants with a full range of the light spectrum encourages their growth and really produces beautiful flowers. Some growers take it one step further and will add a separate incandescent light bulb to their set up to enhance the red spectrum.