Nurturing Communication Strategy – Key to Family’s Successful Recession Survival, Part One

In the current economic meltdown, many families have been hit broadside by the high costs of necessities. Some families are facing this dilemma at the same time they are facing unemployment, layoffs and home foreclosures. Suddenly, the cost to fuel the family car, food to fuel the family, and paying the mortgage has become impossible. There’s barely enough money for necessities.

Some American families have never had to face this situation of not having enough money for essentials and it is causing anxiety and fear within the family, especially those families that is already stressed out from the job loss and home foreclosures. Everyone in the family is understandably uptight.

All of a sudden there is no money for extras. Discretionary income that may have been available for many years is gone, leaving resentment and chaos. There can be a strong backlash within the family.

“But Dad, going to the movies with my friends is a necessity!” “We have to budget for that expense now, we can’t afford it this week.

There is now a need to severely curtail impulse purchasing. if not eliminate it all together.

“What do you mean we can’t afford this premium brand of ice-cream, Mom, we always bought this brand?”

The embarrassment and humiliation is really hard to overcome; you really don’t want people to know what’s going on in your house.

“You mean I have to ask the ladies to help with the gas; I’ll be too embarrassed.”

This recession-like scenario affects everybody in the family. You can survive with a Strategy.