Survival and Depression – What Can Really Make You Happy

Believe that life must go on and you must continue despite everything because there is no other solution. Suicide is a very grave mistake that has tragic consequences; this is not a possible solution for you, no matter how terrible the conditions of your life are or how much you are suffering.

Think that suffering is like medicine for your soul and you will not suffer forever, but only for a limited period of time.

You have to survive and never give up. Continue with courage, without courage, surviving… just continue because there is salvation at the end. If you stop, you have lost from the beginning, so you better do your best to go on and do what you must in order to get out of this horrible condition.

Just because you will continue without abandoning your battle, you are already going to win, because this way you’ll become resistant. At a certain point, what makes you weak and depressed now, will simply sadden you in the future but it will not be sufficient to discourage you like it does today. This is how resistance works. It is difficult, especially in the beginning, but it transforms your psyche and makes you grow stronger.

Never focus your attention on how much you suffer in life, but think about the general suffering of humanity.

How many horrors take place on our planet every day? How many people are starving? How many people are being killed in wars? Innocent children and their grandparents, entire families, everyone…

Stop thinking about your own problems and think about the general picture you have ahead of you, outside your own niche. Everyone in our world suffers very much, each one for their reasons.

What is so wrong with humanity?

You are not the only depressed one. As a matter of fact, you are the confirmation of a rule, part of a big number in a statistical consideration.

The problem is that a crazy wild conscience is inherent in everyone’s psyche and this is why people have created a crazy world governed by terror and violence.

The development of your personality can really make you happy, no matter how old you may be. There is a part in your psyche that has not had the opportunity to evolve and appear in your personality because it belongs to your anti-conscience. However, it contains many good qualities and will make you more intelligent when it is transformed into a positive part of your human conscience.

You must become wise and balanced in order to be happy. The same happens with everyone else on our planet-everyone needs psychotherapy, everyone is depressed and is afraid and feels weak in front of all the dangers and horrors of human life.

This is the real reason for your suffering. You live in a horrible world where you have to survive facing what only your heart knows, and yet a wild and evil conscience is inherent in you and it constantly tries to destroy your conscience through craziness.

The same happens with everyone in our planet.

There are no exceptions for this rule because even those who laugh and appear to be happy are actually victims of many conspiracies or are marionettes of invisible executioners.

Real happiness can only arise from balance, peace, comprehension, forgiveness, patience, sincerity and generosity. It cannot be a result of selfishness and craziness.

You must learn many things and transform your psyche, so that you may be balanced, intelligent and sensitive. You must develop the other side of your personality that remains wild and help this world become a place where terrorism, immorality, violence and poverty will not exist. This is how you will be really happy and never depressed in your life again.

Of course, the world’s complete transformation will delay but you can be easily transformed starting right now by interpreting your dreams, by using the unique method that is like psychotherapy, which will help you completely develop your conscience.

This is the most responsible and unique solution available, because the wise unconscious that produces your dreams is your protector. It sends you dreams everyday in order to save your conscience and help you eliminate your anti-conscience forever, so that you may be really happy for life.