Cancer Survival – Diagnosis Part 2

In cancer diagnosis always seek for a second opinion from different regions so that you have good information from various sources. And after research if you have to return back to your first physician, then you can do so with more confidence. So go for a second opinion after all you have the right to do the same for the benefit of you and your family..

The cost of second opinion is the best money you would ever spend.

Do not buy into time limits as it is not true and if it is done in time then we will not die? (in that case we would have cured Cancer!)

The doctors could be more cautious of their words as the medications. It was easy to take medication but it was hard to digest the words like “fatal” or “terminal”.

The key is how the diagnosis is told to the patient. He or she should not be told it when they are alone or on the phone and a support group or a professional group or a hug would definitely help after knowing the result from the diagnosis.

Doctors need to tell the truth as we trust them, but they do not have right to tell that “you will be dead in one year” (as cancer cure might be discovered tomorrow or the next day).

Regardless of that stop hating body as it has failed rather think that there are numerous other healthy cells in your body with which you can fight the cancer for sure.. every one is marked to die as soon as they are born..