Surviving a Disaster – Have a 72 Hour Survival Kit

Imagine you are in the middle of a hurricane path. The weather bureau has plotted the path to pass about 45 miles south, but in the last 30 minutes it has taken a unexpected change to the north. You have not had time to make arrangements to evacuate, and chances are all the hotels and motels within a 150 mile radius are now either closed or already filled to occupancy with others fleeing the hurricane. Luckily you have a basement you can quickly move your family into for shelter. The worst happens and one of the many twisters created by the hurricane slams into your home, and it is almost completely obliterated. Furniture is broken and scattered over several hundred yards. Photo albums, computers, pots, pans, everything in your home has been either broken, twisted or scattered like so much debris.

Luckily you and your family are safe. After the initial shock and devastation, you begin to focus on matters needing immediate attention. You and your family are thirsty and hungry, it’s still raining, there is no power or running water. Your neighbors are mostly in the same situation, the roads have fallen trees and you have no idea what is going on outside your town. You do not know if or when help will arrive.

This of course is a very drastic and extreme scenario, but unfortunately it’s played out almost every year. One of the best ways to protect yourself and your family is by simply having a pre-packaged 72 hour survival. A good kit will contain drinking water, a sleeping bag, shelter, a emergency radio, flashlights, food, first aid kit and all the items you would need to survive with some level of comfort for those crucial first 72 hours. All of this can fit in a backpack, each member of the family can easily pick up their pack as they move to shelter.

We have all seen the devastation a natural disaster can cause in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. No matter what part of the country you live in there is always some natural disaster you to which you are vulnerable. Blizzards, earthquakes, floods, landslides, or any other of many natural disasters that affect us. Add to all this the threat of terrorist attacks or other man-made catastrophes.

Having a 72 hour survival kit is a real lifesaver, and everyone should have one, whether they ever need it or not.