Tomato Plant Support

If you are new to vegetable gardening, and you want to grow tomatoes, there are many things to consider. Where to plant, how much space, how to prepare the soil, and so on.

But you also need to consider what to do with your tomato plants after they are planted and begin to grow. One of the biggest things is that once these plants begin to gain some height and also begin producing tomatoes, they will not just stand up by themselves.

So after your plants are planted, you need to decide how to support the tomato plants.

You may ask, why do tomatoes need to be supported? Well, the main reasons are the fact that the plants branches cannot support their own weight once they become tall and begin to put on tomatoes. The weight will cause them to sag which if they are too close or touching the ground this could lead to rot or disease. And obviously the worst thing that could happen is the branch could break causing you to lose those beautiful tomatoes that you worked so hard to harvest.

There are several ways to support your tomato plants, and there are a variety of items sold out there to support the plants. Or, you can go with the option of making your own tomato plant supports. There are many methods to choose from also. You can use stakes, trellises, and cages, among others.

You can find a variety of cages and stakes at your local garden center or feed and seed store.

Happy Gardening!