Fake Palm Trees

Palm trees were amongst the first species of plant life that was documented. They have been mentioned in the Bible and continue to have religious importance. On “Palm Sunday,” millions over the world carry palm leaves, crucifixes and other Christian symbols made of palm leaf. Though most palm varieties are tropical types, they are found in other climatic zones. These trees can be spotted easily because of their singular appearance. They can acquire a great height and have cylindrical trunks that bear rings for every flowering season when the tree sheds older leaves. Since these sturdy plants require a long time to reach optimum growth or maturity and are known to have a long lifespan. The beauty of a fully-grown palm tree represents abundance and fertility. However, at times it may not be possible to wait a lifetime to see a palm tree attain its full length. For this reason, innovative manufactures have created artificial, easy to assemble fake palm tree kits.

Fake palm trees are popular, as they can be assembled in a short span of time and people can have a fully-grown palm tree in their backyard. Manufacturers do not make much attempt to conceal that they are imitations. These are mostly fitted with chain lights and rope lights that illuminate the fake varieties during special occasions and after dusk. Manufacturers have even made available fake palm trees of diverse colors. This includes shades of red, pink, orange and blue. Fake varieties are available for indoor and outdoor use. They are offered in various trunk and leaf sizes. This allows customers to choose fake palm trees according to space availability. Fake palm tree kits are available with adequate nuts and bolts to place leaves, trunks, bases and fruits together. They can be fixed on asphalt, concrete and wood with the use of well-designed and durable bolts. In recent times, a number of diverse businesses are using fake palm trees as a medium of advertisement and also as decorations at certain venues.