Surviving the Economic Collapse – How To Guide

The economic collapse in the United States is about to happen. You may have seen the signs – terrible debt, price increases, nationwide debt, and swelling debt to gross domestic product ratio.

Surviving the economic collapse depends on how we prepare ourselves on this impending catastrophe.

The first thing to consider is food. Learning what to do if there is food shortage or if the price is too high can be advantageous for this scenario. One must start stocking up non-perishable goods.

Fruit trees and vegetables can be planted on properties if possible. This limits the need to use your money for food. Having a basic knowledge on gardening can be a big help. These are just a few small things that make a difference when Surviving the economic collapse.

Also start collecting gold and/or silver. Acquire as many raw gold bars as possible. Refrain from buying paper gold and silver either because in an economic fall down, futures markets can fail to pay as well leaving you with paper. Purchase smaller pieces of gold so that you can deal it easier.

Surviving the economic collapse one needs to study trades like needlework, mechanics work, and building. If you have an office job now, make sure that you are trained in these areas. These types of skills can assist you repair your own house or somebody else’s dwelling if needed without having to call an expert.

Clear up extra clothing. Reserve good quality clothes with materials made of wool & high quality cotton mixed with polyester. A high-quality wool pullover will keep you through any temperatures. Store high quality boots, work boots, and shoes.