Tips to Teach Your Teens About Budgeting and Survival

Bad credit and bills can come upon you quickly. As a teen just entering the “Real World,” they can get behind quickly if not given the proper tools. They will spend years of their life behind before they ever got started. This type of tragedy can be prevented early. With some simple steps you can help your young teen prepare them for the “Real World,” and be on their way to success.

Now is the time to teach budgeting to your teens. When I was in school I was given a course on budgeting, shopping, and tricks to survival. My father used to rave about how this course changed my perspective on money and life.

With budgets of schools decreasing this type of class was no longer offered, but in today’s society it is so incredibly important for our teens to not fall victim to poor spending habits.

Teaching our kids now will make them independent and less likely to have to rely on others for money in later years. It is these lessons that have kept my credit good over the years and the honor of buying my own home at 22 years old.

It doesn’t take much to show them and to give them the direction they need to succeed. With these tips you are sure to aid your teens in becoming successful adults.

Some things to work on are:

As a parent this accomplishes a few things in my life. I am teaching my child to be responsible with her money and situation, as well as by her taking on some of these rolls to learn I am free to do a few other items. This saves me time as they are learning to contribute to society.

Give your teens the best gift you can give by teaching them simple budgeting skills, money savings tips, and cooking tips.