Cancer Chemotherapy and Survival Rates

Multiple polls were taken asking oncologists if they were diagnosed with cancer would they use chemotherapy on themselves and 75-90% said they would not. One would ask them self could this be possible? The reason is chemotherapy has a terrible success rate and the doctors know it.

Cancer survival rates for people diagnosed with cancer is actually higher for people who elect to do no treatment what so ever. That is also another hard to believe fact but the real statistics prove it to be true. Currently cancer survival rates are only 3% that means a 97% mortality rate. The medical establishment combines all cancers together to get the 50% survival rate that many people use as a cancer survival rate.

simply stated if you take most life threatening cancers and average them with high survival cancers you get the 50% rate.

In a report in the Lancet medical journal (Aug 10,1991) noted that chemotherapy in 80% of world wide cases is worthless. In many cases doctors believe the chemotherapy actually is the cause of death to the patients.

Alternative cancer treatment has gotten a bad name only due to the mainstream medical establishments closed mind and big egos. I am going to list some of the best cancer treatment books out today in my opinion.


2. CANCER IS A FUNGUS, DR. Tulio Simoncini

3. CANCER THE ONLY ANSWER, DR. Leonard Coldwell

Having lost several family members to cancer myself I think its time the medical establishment comes clean on the fact there are more successful alternative cancer treatments out there than mainstream treatments.

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