Hemorrhoid Relief – Mistakes People Make When Trying to Relieve Hemorrhoids!

A large percentage of the adult population find themselves trying to get hemorrhoids relief at some point in their life. And if they don’t do the right things, they find themselves frustrated because they haven’t been able to relieve their hemorrhoids. Here are some of the mistakes people make.

1. Sitting down for extended periods

If you have a sit down job, then there may not be much you can do about sitting down all day. But sitting down for long periods of time puts pressure on your hemorrhoids. So try to get up every hour and go for a two minute walk to the bathroom, break room or go and ask a colleague a work question that you need answering, in order to relieve hemorrhoids.

2. Eating a poor diet

Eating a poor diet low in fiber can lead to constipation, which can in turn lead to hemorrhoids. When you’re constipated, it becomes hard to pass a bowel movement which makes you strain on the toilet. All that straining can lead to butt vein inflammation and a hemorrhoidal condition.

Take a serious look at what you’re eating every day. How many serves of fresh fruits and vegetables are you eating? If it’s less than five, try to go for five to seven serves daily, for hemorrhoid relief.

Cut out white bread and replace it with whole grain or wholemeal bread. It’s important to eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains. That will help get rid of your constipation and you’ll be back to having smooth, easy bowel movements which means you won’t be putting a strain on your anal muscles or your hemorrhoidal condition.

3. Not exercising

Not exercising certainly isn’t going to help relieve hemorrhoids! A sluggish system will certainly benefit from regular exercise, even it’s just taking the dog for a 20 minute walk several times per week.

Now you know some of the mistakes people make when they try to get hemorrhoid relief. Make sure you don’t make these same mistakes!