Frugal Activities

While you are unemployed, there is no reason you cannot still have fun and have family time. These suggestions could prove to be ideas that you keep even after you return to being employed. We are not unemployed and I do some of these even now because they are cost effective.

1) Zoo Days – we have days that are Free zoo days. Even though it might be crowded, a good time can be had by all. Kids and parents alike usually like seeing the new animals, especially if there are some babies new to the zoo. Our zoo is pretty large here. We can literally spend six or seven hours at the zoo walking around and taking in everything. You could also pack a lunch to cure those hunger pains later.

2) Model Homes – driving around and stopping to walk through model homes, even if you are not in the market to buy. This will give you a chance to see what kind of decorating is being done in homes. I know that my husband has gotten some different ideas of things he wanted to do in our home from walking around in the model homes. Our kids even like walking around in the model homes saying what they like and dislike. No cost there.

3) Window Shopping at Furniture Stores – If you could be in the market for furniture later, might as well take this time to do some comparison between stores. Who has the best furniture, quality, price and availability. It does not cost anything to compare; however it could cost you lots if you buy on impulse.

4) Movie Marathon Night at Home – Maybe you have a collection of old movies on video or newer movies on DVD. Why not make a marathon night of it. Get your popcorn and favorite snack foods together. Grab the kids and everyone put on pajamas and have a movie marathon night sitting up watching movies and spending quality time together. My husband and I did this before we had kids and really enjoyed it.

5) Monopoly – Board games are an all time favorite. Break out the monopoly game, Trivia Pursuit or Jenga. Get everyone involved and see how much fun you have. If you do not have a family, then contact some friends and everyone can save money buy getting together. Make it a pot-luck game night at someone’s house once a month. This will help everyone save money and share in hosting the event.

6) Park – Pack a meal and take everyone to the park. Put some balls in the back of the car, Frisbee and blankets. You can sit out in the park, read a book while others are playing Frisbee or throwing the ball around. Then have lunch and relax some more. This will give you time to relax and just have fun. Get your mind off of being unemployed. This will more than likely help you keep your spirits up.

7) Drive – maybe you live in an area where there is a lot to see. Take a drive and clear your mind. I remember when I was single and in the military, on Sundays, I would drive to the mountains. I loved the time I was away from my regular day-to-day environment. Gave me the opportunity to clear my mind and think things through.

8) Book Club – maybe you could join a book club and get some reading done that you had not been able to do in the past. There is a chance the book is available at the library. If you do not join a book club, maybe you are like me and have about six or seven new books on the shelf that you have been waiting to read. What are you waiting for grab the book and sit by the fireplace?

9) Car Washing – if you stopped using the car wash as a way to reduce expenses, you could wash the car together. My husband has washed all the cars at one time. There have been times when my brother would wash all the cars. Whether it was my husband washing cars or my brother, they got the kids involved and let them help wash tires or something they could reach. After washing the cars, then we barbequed on the patio and had lunch or dinner. Nice family time.

10) Of course this depends on where you live, if it snows, have a snow day. Dress everyone up real warm and go outside and play in the snow. Have a snowball fight and build snowmen. Let the kids make snow angels. Afterwards, come in and make hot cocoa, hot chocolate or hot cider and muffins. This will be a nice treat for everyone participating.

The majority of the items in this article do not cost anything. However, they are more fun, family and friend filled activities that you might not have considered. After participating in these activities, you might find you will have a new outlook on your job search.