Modern Day Fire Extinguisher – A Contributor to Survival Rates of Fire Accidents

Protecting ourselves from harm is one of the basic instincts of human beings. At times when danger arises, humans do everything to survive. The chances of survival increases but it will depend on the knowledge of the person. The more the person knows about facts of life, the more he gains better ways to protect oneself when danger arises.

A fire accident is one of the emergency cases that continue to happen even until now. Although there are many survivors but still it is one of the contributors of morbidity around the globe. When it occurs, normal instincts would tell us, to get out of the room when fire has started because your life is more important than the burning objects seen in the room. However, most of us are aware that water has a cooling effect to anything that has heat. This time around, instead of running away, we face fire by dumping water on the burning objects. This is an acceptable practice but when you get into the details of fire fighting, this can be dangerous at some point.

The survival capacities of human being in cases of fire have drastically improved because of our technology. Innovations have been made to avoid worsening fire. Different prototypes of fire-protecting devices have evolved over time since 1723. The result is now a more secure, automatic and easy to use fire extinguisher types.

This device is just like CPR. When a person goes on to a cardiac arrest, we start CPR right away to get the heart pumping for blood. This increases the chances of the persons surviving the attack when done within the first 5 minutes of unconsciousness. This is a very helpful technique while you wait for the paramedics to transport the victim safely. Extinguishers are also like this. Before he firefighters comes or while they are still on the way, you can contain fire easily. All you have to do is to spray the agents on where the fire has started and protect the areas sensitive to it. Not only will it increase your chances of not getting suffocated but it will also help save your house from becoming ash.

All of us should be thankful the earlier contributors of making this device. In early times, extinguishing fire was done through exploding gunpowder. Others have done it through vials and cartridges, things that we cannot even picture on our minds. Even though these devices have limited use, they were still considered efficient in some ways. Despite of it all, different fire extinguisher types have risen to make our lives safer and easier in cases of fire.

How to use this device? It is very simple: read the instructions. But a pneumonic was formulated to teach us how to operate it. The pneumonic is P-A-S-S. Below is its interpretation:

P- Pull the pin.

A- Aim at the base.

S- Squeeze the top handle of the lever

S- Sweep side to side.

Once you do this, you can perfectly fight fire and stop it from getting worse. In the event that it becomes uncontrollable, assess if you can handle it or better yet, let go and leave the job to the professionals. Also, make sure when you try to escape, you already have identified your fire exits.