Wooden Bird Feeders

Wooden bird feeders make a nice addition to any back yard or patio. They are great to give as gifts, especially for someone who enjoys bird watching. A bird feeder can provide a great deal of joy, as well as keep backyard birds very happy.

A good, wooden bird feeder should be built to last outdoors. It should have a hinged top or bottom for cleaning. There are many companies that manufacture wood birdhouse. Some companies like Schrodt Design, Inc. are environmentally aware and use mill trim ends to make bird feeders and pack them with recycled materials. This company is known for their Teahouse Bird Feeders that are constructed of wood trim and hand-etched glass. They are really quite beautiful and depict many charming woodland scenes that are designed by the owner of the company, Gary Schrodt. For more information go to

Another company, Countryside culture sells sturdy redwood and cedar bird feeders that are designed like country cottages, cabins and barns. They have copper roofs and little, bird-shaped weather vanes. They are quite charming and look great in any backyard. They also attract birds and hold seeds well for a long time.

To decide what style bird feeder is right for you, first consider what type of birds you want to attract, and then what will look good in your yard or on your patio. For a formal garden you may want to choose a simple but elegant wood and copper design, but for a country garden you may want a whimsical design with bright colors.

There are also several attractive bird feeders that are easy enough for anyone to make. For natural-looking bird-feeders, a branch with drilled holes stuffed with suet, a hollow gourd with an opening in the side, or a pinecone filled with peanut butter make great bird feeders. For a more decorative look, use a bouquet of dried flowers with seeds, such as sunflowers or coneflowers, as a bird feeder.