Building Your Garden On A Budget

Have you always imagined what your dream garden will look like? If you’re like me, it’s going to cost a pretty penny. But you can have that gorgeous garden that you have always dreamed of and do it on a budget. You just have to be creative and patient. I’ll show you how.

For plants, choose smaller plants that will grow for the whole season. Smaller plants are cheaper than larger plants and they will quickly grow and fill your garden. When you buy larger plants at a green house, the staff there have had to spend more time caring and growing the plant and they charge you for that.

Build your garden one item at a time. Start small with a few essentials, like seating and a small number of plants. You can expand your garden over several years, which will be easier on your wallet. Also, it can be a lot of fun to window shop until you find just the right item. There are several advantages to taking your time. One, you won’t overbuy on furniture and plants. Two, it gives you a chance to do some comparison shopping. You just might find the same product, or something very similar, elsewhere for a much better price. Three, most importantly, visit many stores until you find that something special that will make your garden unique.

Get to know the clerk at your garden centre. They know which plants are the healthiest, how best to grow the plant, and most importantly, when the sales are coming. The most important sales of all are the end of season sales, especially for garden furniture. It might not get much use this season, but you will have the furniture ready for next season and saved a lot of money.

When buying from a mail order company, try to buy from only one or two. This will save you money on shipping costs when compared to the shipping costs you would pay if you bought the same items from several different mail order companies.

Constantly buying new pots, especially large pots, can be expensive. So, get creative when it comes to containers. You can use vases, an old barrel or tub, old boots or anything else that you can think of. The most important thing in selecting a container is to ensure that it is large enough for the plant to spread out its roots for future growth.

Join a garden club. You will get a lot of ideas from the other people in the club and you can trade plants, cuttings and seeds. Sometimes, some club members will give away plants to other members. Some plants grow like crazy and are easy to transplant a portion of the plant or start a new one. For example, to start a new African violet, simply break off one of the leaves near the base of the plant. Then, put the newly cut leaf in soil in another pot. The leaf will begin to root and within a few weeks you will see new leaves start to grow. Easy and inexpensive!