Greenhouse Kits

The age-old experience of farmers is that once you have decided the structure, layout and position of your greenhouse, you can then buy a greenhouse kit to help you through the construction. A greenhouse kit is probably your best option, as it is most cost effective and probably the easiest way to construct a greenhouse.

There are many types of kits, and your choice will depend on the kind of greenhouse you want. The parameters for your choice are the size of the greenhouse, its shape and design, and what you want to plant in it. A greenhouse kit is probably your best option as if you try to build it on your own, the project will be time consuming and expensive.

A greenhouse kit will normally consist of a frame, panels, joineries, vents, windows and doors and most importantly, your bible for the construction, the installation guide. The construction itself will take only a few hours, and all you need to have is a basic home tool kit. The sight of all these pieces in various shapes and forms can be overwhelming, but if you follow the instructions carefully and go about the construction in an orderly fashion, you will be able to finish the greenhouse without major catastrophes. The installation manual will clearly explain what each piece is supposed to do, how to assemble them and how to go about the construction.

If you get stuck, do not worry; the kit dealer will have a customer service division that will be able to guide you. All the pieces of the greenhouse kit should fit together perfectly. If they don’t, you should check with the manual to see what went wrong.