Growing Beautiful Roses – Simple Easy Care Tips

Beautiful gorgeous blooming roses for your landscape.

Rose growing tips for your garden.

1. All roses should be pruned in early fall or spring.

2. Remember only prune if their is a need to. Do NOT prune just because you want to use your new rose pruners.

4. Prune all dead or dying branches.

5. Always deadhead expired blooms, this will help generate new growth and more budding blooms.

6. Prune roses that are too dense! Thin out climbing, hybrid tea, shrub and floribunda roses. This will help with air circulation which will improve growth and encourage more blooms through out the blooming season.

Fertilizing Tips.

1. Fertilize in early spring, summer and fall. If your roses look really bad fertilize once a month until they respond but only during the spring and summer months.

2. Use a good mulch to help retain moisture and keep those nasty weeds away.

3. Make sure you have good water drainage.

4. Use a good fertilizer with a higher PH level or acidy level.

5. Be sure to purchase a good rose food fertilizer from your local nursery.

Planting Tips.

1. Always purchase roses from a reputable nursery.

2. Dig a hole about twice as wide and about the same height as the container it is in.

3. If you live in the southwest planting should be done in early January .

4. Be sure to ask you local nursery when is the best time to plant roses for your area.

5. Use a good root stimulator after planting to stimulate root growth.

Insects and Diseases

1. Thrips, Aphids and slugs on my. Keep those bugs and fungus at bay.

2. Use a good systemic insecticide. Systemic means from the roots towards the trunk, branches and eventually into the foliage. You can apply to the base of the plant then water in. Eventually insects will munch on foliage and die.

3. For slugs be sure to use slug bait ask for it at your local nursery.

4. Fungus control. You can use neem oil to control powdery mildew and other fungus diseases. Neem oil does work but you may have to do several applications.

1. Be diligent in observing your roses or any plants for that matter.

2. Inspect your roses on a daily basis if possible. Look for bugs, droopy or eaten foliage.

The biggest mistakes people make in caring and


Folks will purchase roses plant them and forget what they need.

Newly planted roses need water every day for the first 20 days or so. Especially if you live in the desert southwest.

2. If you have a drip system make sure the dripper is really watering the root ball. Water by hand on the days the system is off.

There you have it folks. Follow the steps above to ensure great gorgeous blooming roses.

If you are looking to start your own rose garden