Tips For Survival When Stranded in a Snow Storm

Snow storms are commonly recognized as an unpredictable natural catastrophe which may occur to you and your family at any time during the winter months. This natural mishap is capable of rendering you and your family helplessly stranded in any place you may possibly be at the time it occurs. Therefore, when the winter season arrives you should always be prepared for any snow storm which may be taking place. There are certain tips that you can follow that will ensure your survival should you be a victim of a sudden snow storm.


Before the snow season arrives you should plan accordingly for any potential emergency that may be caused by its arrival. Always maintain an adequate supply of gasoline in your tank and never let your vehicles gas tank drop below 3/4ths full during the winter months. Check to ensure that your autos windshield wipers are functioning properly as well. This is the time to get your car ready for those cold winter months.


Create an emergency kit to maintain in your vehicles trunk. Include in this kit a crank radio, flashlights with extra batteries and perhaps a gallon of water. You should include some sort of food in this kit also such as the ever popular energy bars, peanut butter, trail mix or crackers. Do not include chocolates and other foods with high sodium since these foods would tend to increase your thirst.

Monitor the weather. Watch weather reports concerning your local weather conditions as it is displayed on your local news channel. If you plan to travel during this time ensure that you are dressed appropriately. When the snow storm hits and you become a stranded victim it is important that you remain dry and warm.


Always make certain that your mobile telephone is fully charged and functional in the event that you must call for help. It would benefit you to purchase a cigarette lighter charger attachment for your phone.


If you are planning to be out doing something in the open make sure to let someone know where you are scheduled to be. If a snow storms catches you outside go to the nearest safe place and remain there. Caves can often be a good place to hide when the snow storm catches you in the open.


When you are driving and a snow storm occurs you should pull over in a safe area and remain inside your car. Turn your vehicle lights off and use your crank radio to listen for weather updates. When you are stranded for a long time it often helps to run your car for 10 minutes every hour.