Tips on Growing Goji Berries

Goji berries have become very popular in the United Kingdom and the United States within the last few years. Many people enjoy their goji’s in dried berry or juice form. Most Goji Berries are said to be grown in the Himalayan Mountains. Did you know that you could grow your own goji berries just about anywhere? It is true with a little bit of know how and some goji seeds just about anyone can grow their very own goji plant. Not only do the plants produce berries, that are believed to be the richest anti-oxidant food source on the planet, the flowers on the goji berry planet are beautiful as well. The flowers they produce are small purple/white trumpet flowers. OK so now that you are excited about growing your own goji plants let’s get started. You will first need these few items below:

* Seeds

* Growing area (outdoors and/or in pots)

* Soil

* Water

* Access to sun and/or light

Once you have these items you will first want to decide the best place to start your goji plants. I suggest you start them inside unless you have a greenhouse. You want to be sure and use an organic soil. Because the goji plants are very fragile for the first 6 months you want to be sure and pay extra attention to them. They need lots of water and enjoy as much sunlight as you can provide for them. After the first 6 months it is safe to transplant your goji plant to the outside garden. Don’t expect it to produce any berries for at least two years so I hope you have patience. Also make sure that you prune your goji plants on a regular basis because if you do it will yield a higher crop. If you have bunnies or other little animals running around your garden you will want to make sure that your goji plant is well protected so you can keep them from eating your precious plant. It is worth it.