Hawaiian Hibiscus

Even though people generally associate the hibiscus flower as a flower of the state of Hawaii, however, of the over 200 species of hibiscus in existence today only seven of which are native to this state. Most of the flowers seen by tourists in Hawaii are generally not natives of the islands. The hibiscus can be typically found in places where there is warm climate, in tropical and subtropical regions all over the world. There are both annual and perennial types of the hibiscus.

Typical Use

The large flowers of the hibiscus are the ones that are seen as an icon of visits to Hawaii. These beautiful flowers are typically used for ornamental purposes, whereas the shrubs of these plants are mainly used for landscaping purposes.


The flowers of the hibiscus plants in Hawaii produce come in a wide variety of colors. This is the reason why they have become so popular among visitors of Hawaii. With many colors that stand out, combined with the large size of the flowers the hibiscus became very popular for decorative purposes. All of the colors that come in the flowers of the hibiscus are all bright and is typical to the tropical motif. Therefore, it goes very well with the designs of what tourists are accustomed to seeing in Hawaii.

Other Uses

There is a wide variety of uses for the hibiscus. They can be used as material to make paper, as well as used to make teas and jams. There have also been studies done that shows the extract from the hibiscus contain health benefits. For example, the extracts have been used to relieve constipation and nausea. The bark of the hibiscus also contains very strong fibers. These fibers are a popular material in the making of grass skirts.