Stay at Home Mom – Survival Tips

Because of the current economic crisis, women are being laid-off and suddenly finding themselves transitioned from Corporate America to a new full-time career called stay at home mom (SAHM). For many, this 24 x 7 “stay at home mom” job is an unchartered territory and a scary one for many. Having a career as a stay at home mom (and being successful at it) is simply not for every one. For some women, being a full-time stay at home mom comes easy but for many, it is the most difficult job of all. Although rewarding, being a stay at home mom requires multi-tasking, creativity, and a lot of patience.

To be more specific, a stay at home mom’s job is to find the appropriate activities for her child to ensure he/she develops all the skills necessary for each child to grow. These skills include motor skills, cognitive skills, social skills, and more. Accomplishing these skills in and of itself is challenging, but no questioned: rewarding. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your child growing and successfully accomplishing the things you have taught them.

Let’s not forget that in addition to the skills mentioned, a stay at home mom is still required to teach her child those basic things in life everyone needs to learn how to do on their own. Some of these things are self-feeding, potty training (need I say more), putting shoes on, and many more. Last but not least, while doing everything already mentioned, a stay at home mom is still required to make sure the house is cleaned, laundry is done, and of course healthy food is on the table for everyone. Need any more convincing that this stay at home mom thing is not a walk in the park! Not a walk in the park but yet doable with support from others.

Every stay at home mom must realized that they are not alone and just like anything else; everyone can be successful at it with support from those who understand. Following are many things stay at home mom can do to help them adjust to the new career.

#1 Take advantage of the internet. There are many websites dedicated for moms today. Look for those that offer local mom groups. Don’t be shy. Join the group you feel best fits you and your child’s needs and schedule. Before joining, find out details about ages of other children in the group, events held, time for events, and location for events. Many of these websites do charge a small fee but there are ones which are free.

#2 During the winter months, take advantage of things offered by your local community. The best place for children is the library. Every library has events specifically designed for kids, even as young as 9 months. Kids will not only enjoy it but they will learn skilled required for pre-school and/or kindergarten. While at these local events, chat with other moms and make new friends. You’ll be surprise how many are looking to make new friends just like you.

#3 Look at book stores or kids store (i.e. Pottery Barn, Lake Shore Learning, etc.) for events. Some may be local but some may require a drive. These stores usually offers story time, music hour, or arts & crafts. These are usually free of charge, who doesn’t like that!

#4 What kid doesn’t have a ton of energy? Shopping malls provide free play area that are small enough, clean, and safe for kids. Great places for kids to work out those energy. There are also many establishments today that offer ‘open play’ for kids at a flat rate. Ask for group discounts if you are going as a group.

#5 Last but not least….schedule yourself a night out! Weather it be with your hubby or a night out with girl friends. Moms Night Out (MNO) is a must for every women at least once a month!

The most important thing for every stay at home mom to remember is this: you are not alone and there is support out there. The key is not to be shy!