Building Your End of the World Survival Kit

There is a lot of useless hype being circulated lately concerning the year 2012 and the ultimate consequences upon its arrival. In the normal scheme of things we are experiencing strange weather occurrences, unusual solar activities and a general feeling that something is entirely wrong with the way our world and universe is functioning. To top is all off we have Columbia Pictures science fiction disaster movie directed by Roland Emmerich influencing many people’s attitudes.

The movie relies upon the Mayan calendar as predicting a phenomenon of cataclysmic actions taking place in the year 2012. Although the movie showed great promise as an apocalyptic event predicting the end of life as we know it there is actually no truth what so ever in its composition. The only valid point in the complete hypotheses is that everyone should have a survival kit ready to ensure their safety when we continue to experience our unpredictable weather phenomenon.

To start your list you would do well to have the usual supplies that one frequently includes in their bug out or go bag. Include items such as food, water and clothing while providing sufficient thought to both your shelter requirements and a means of transportation. Let’s briefly cover each of these items in detail.


I have enough food stored to last my family and I for a complete year. To test this theory we purchased as planned and then stopped buying additional food and used only what we had in storage. So as not to complicate the lives of my grandson and wife we decided to forego the use of powdered milk and like items during the course of the experiment. In view of the instability of our economy I would suggest to everyone that they too maintain a year’s supply of food.

In our supply of food we included a mixture of canned foods and dehydrated or freeze dried products. We had freeze-dried vegetables, fruit and nuts. Although during the period of the test many of our meats were frozen we did have some in cans as well. Having nothing what so ever to do with 2012, we do happen to save replenishment seeds such as carrots, cabbage, celery, eggplants, potatoes and tomatoes. The purpose behind these seed banks is in the event we must drop out of society we would at least have the means to grow our fresh vegetables.

Since both my grandson and I are hunters and fishermen we keep a small supply of associated gear readily available. My near future goal includes learning the fundamental of trapping as well.

In our emergency tote we have the usual basic kitchen utensils, an abundance of storage containers which have the snaps on four sides. We have found these are not only inexpensive to purchase but are excellent for keeping pests from the foods. We have a dedicated set of pots and pans that are to be used just for such an emergency. Nothing is worse then to run around collecting items only to discover later that something vital was overlooked. This unfortunate situation happens even if checklists are employed.


In our home we maintain five gallon water containers and in the bug out kit we like to keep a water filter of some type. The filter will allow us to obtain clean water in the field. Please be advised here and now that a water filter is no guarantee that the liquid is drinkable and safe. It is best to boil all water after filtering it.


Clothing will vary according to the season that you have to bug out. Summer clothing will be different than that used in your winter evacuation. Unfortunately few of us are capable of transporting both summer and winter clothing at the same time so plan accordingly. In the winter you may wish to store up on boots, gloves, sweaters, a winter jacket and waterproof gear while in the summer time you may want shorts, T-shirts and light shoes. Always include an inexpensive sewing kit such as found in the “Dollar Tree” with each bag of clothing.


A shelter is generally not a problem in my case as I am a firm believer in the use of RV’s for bug out vehicles, particularly if you can find a small one that has a 4 or 6 cylinder engine such as is found in the Toyotas motor homes. In some cases you may have to purchase a high quality tent along with sleeping bag for all of the family members.


Once again the matter of transportation for me is rather simple since I use an RV however for others it may be a bit more involved. Perhaps you will employ a SUV, van or some sort of bicycle or ATV. In areas that are prone to flooding you may wish to consider some sort of boat or water craft such as a pontoon boat.

Miscellaneous Items

Stock up on batteries, a first aid kit, waterproof matches; wind up lanterns and communications equipment. Remember it isn’t 2012 that we have to be concerned with but rather our normal day to day emergencies and disasters.

Copyright @2010 Joseph Parish