How to Survive When Natural Disaster Strikes

We, as Americans, and the rest of the modernized world have gotten use to our modern convenience. We have lost our basic survival skills.

Educating ourselves in hunting, fishing and camping will greatly increase your ability to survive natural disasters. Acquiring the knowledge and tools of hunting, fishing and camping will not only entertain you, but it can bring you peace of mind and reduce the stress in an emergency

What does one need in order to survive the most common disaster like a power outage?

When the power fails, we need to know the basics of setting up a camp and we need to know how to turn our homes or apartments into a functional campsite. The best way to do that is to practice camping outdoors without the modern conveniences of electricity, running water and of course restrooms.

Visiting the libraries, surfing the Internet and browsing the local sporting goods store will get you started. Camping is fun and essential to understanding how to handle your needs without power or other modern conveniences.

Fishing is a simple way to provide yourself with food and water. The last I heard, fish live in water. The skills you have learned and practiced will help you provide food and water. Remember fishing is more than just catching fish. It should include how to cook them, as well as how to catch them.

Hunting will help you to learn nature. Additionally, it will teach you how to provide, preserve, and prepare the food you will need to survive in an extended natural disaster.

The more you learn about nature, hunting, and preparing the animals you kill means the more food for you and your loved ones. Hunting is fun and can build the cohesive bond between friends and family. Once again, educate yourself and your family in the art and skill of hunting as one of the keys to survival.

The real key to survival in a natural disaster is the education you acquire to survive. Unfortunately, knowledge without application is generally useless in an emergency. It is in your best interest to accumulate the necessary tools, equipment, and knowledge to survive. This is done by trial and error.

Discovering what works for you and your family, you will not only learn how to survive by learning how to hunt, fish and camp, but also you will build fond memories in the process.

There is an old saying the way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. The same is true with survival. Learn one step at a time. Go hunting, fishing, and camping to hone your skills of survival.