Why Proper Lawn Care is Always Needed

If you want to keep a nice, tidy looking garden you need to pay close attention to the lawn with proper lawn care. Most Americans take great pride in their gardens and so lawn care really is important to them. You will notice when you see the end results of a proper cared for lawn, it will really give you a sense of pride. Of course, you could always pay a gardener to do it but then you would get no real satisfaction as you would not have done it yourself.

Knowing the Basics

Lawn care can be simple just as long as you at least know the basics. Firstly, the tidiness of the garden needs to be addressed. Is it clean? Is there anything on the lawn which shouldn’t be there? Leaves and rubbish really spoil the garden so you need to get rid of hem by raking and picking up all rubbish before you start. You will notice that once you have removed the rubbish and leaves, your garden will already look so much nicer.

If you suffer from an uneven lawn, it would be a good idea to sort that out. Now most people have no idea how to do this but really it is quite simple. For example, if you tend to have little valleys within the garden, you can easily bring them up to the same level as the rest of it by adding topsoil and then planting grass seed. Obviously you will have to wait for the grass to grow before you can really start on you lawn care, but it is really worth the wait as the new grass on its new level will look great.

If you have bumps within the garden they can be easily removed with a spade and you can either replace the sod or plant new grass seed. As well as improving the appearance of the garden, by leveling it out you are also ensuring that it is easier to mow and to keep in pristine condition.

As for when it comes to mowing the grass, it is important that you do it frequently in order to keep it trimmed and looking good. It is surprising how fast grass can grow so be aware of that and be prepared to get the mower out frequently. Ideally you will want to cut off up to three quarters of the grass in order for it to look its best.

Overall keeping the lawn looking good and keeping it trimmed is all part of basic lawn care. It is something which needs to be done if you are to have a garden to be proud of.