Becoming an Urban Prepper – It Doesn’t Take Too Much

With natural disasters and other emergencies that can strike at any time, it’s important to be prepared for these. Many times when people think of a prepper or suvivalist, ideas of a lonely man living out in the bush come into mind. Generally the ideas of such a person are considered to be somewhat negative. The reality is that it makes logical sense to have some preparations at home.

Most of us don’t have the space or money to have survival locations outside of town. Many live inside an urban environment and think that they need to be out in the wild outdoors to survive. City survival is possible for the average disaster.

The first thing that you need is some food. This doesn’t have to be months of food although that is not a bad idea, but 30 days of food will be plenty for most disasters that happen. Be sure to have extra things that you already eat that you enjoy eating stored for such occasion. Also have a way of cooking this food that doesn’t depend on your utilities and services.

Next have some extra water. It’s important to also have some filtration and purification devices. There are small backpacking devices that can purify enough water for one person for a whole month if need be.

Be sure to keep extra supplies at home for warmth like blankets, radios, medicines, and other things that you might need.

The important thing is to start today and become an urban prepper. Take out any old connotations that you have about someone who is a survivalist and realize that you are only doing this to ensure that you an your family will be fine during disasters.